Traveling to Rome with Kids

Traveling to Rome with Kids – What to See and Do in 48 Hours – Highlights from our trip to Rome. Trastevere, Vatican, Colosseum, amazing food and LOTS of gelatos.Travel to Rome with Kids


Let me back up a minute.移动到欧洲involves a lot of moving pieces. We decided to take an extended vacation in between flying to Stuttgart and when Wes had to report to his new station. We dropped our bags at the hotel we would be moving into when we got back to Stuttgart, spent one night, and then got on a plane to Rome.

我们曾经exhausted。I don’t even know if exhausted really does how we were feeling justice. We had just packed out, said goodbye to our friends and family, and flown overnight to Germany. This short trip was to fight jet lag before we boarded for our Mediterranean cruise. We had little to no agenda other than to get some rest and see a little bit of the city.


We stayed in a Homeaway property in the罗马Trastevere区。这是在一个完美的位置和公寓宠坏我们为我们的旅行休息。它有一个完美的布局,宽敞的空间,是令人难以置信的干净和业主们亲切,乐于助人。(不能足够的推荐。)我们能走最多的地方,附近有出租车站,如果你需要一个。

We spent the first afternoon wandering around, eating gelato, and just taking it all in. I’vebeen to Romea few times, but this was the first for the rest of my family. We atecacio de pepe从我们的公寓对面的一家小餐馆和孩子们(我所吃过的最美味的东西之一)有许多第一gelatos的。该规则是,你不能订购适用于整个行程相同的味道。我们有些人(我)的确实比其他人(威廉)更好。

Travel to Rome with Kids


As of this writing, we have been on far more trips. I find that my kids are far more willing to do the kind of boring sightseeing if we factor in a lot of time for wandering and exploring with no agenda. We have found true gems and learned far more about a place than just by seeing the touristy sights. Those are important too, but we don’t try to see everything in a single place just to check it off a list. And we also relent and do some of the kid stuff to balance it out. It needs to be fun for everyone.

Travel to Rome with Kids

The one thing that I did book before we arrived was aDark Rome Family Tour of the Colosseum。保罗我们的导游是伟大的。他做了它有趣,为孩子们足够的娱乐,并没有哑下来的成年人。这是非常热的,和斗兽场还内置了空调(这是我们从保罗学到),它是从热一个很好的缓刑。

小费– Booking a tour is the way to go. One, you get to skip the line at many attractions. Two, we met some other nice families that gave us some great tips. Three, we learned far more than we would have on our own.


The tour included the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We left the Colosseum and walked across the street. We booked a tour for around 3 and it was a good time, it was far less crowded.




Near the apartment, there was a river walk with little shops and restaurants set up along the water. It is calledLungo il Tever。It is only up in the summer and you can enjoy a drink or a meal along the Tiber River. We left the kids in the apartment (they are old enough to stay alone for a few hours and we were in a very secure building) and walked up and down. We had a drink, some antipasto, and watched the sunset.

This is a perk of traveling with older kids, we can leave for a few hours in the evening if they don’t want to go out. We get a break and they can glue themselves to a device – everyone is happy.


第二天,我们去了Villa Borghese。我们有一个令人难以置信的午餐,所谓的露天咖啡馆(PIC NIC)。该餐厅是在公园的中间。我们租了一辆高尔夫球车(你也可以租自行车,电动踏板车,甚至老式菲亚特),开车绕了几个小时。

Villa Borghese别墅罗马

这是孩子们最喜欢的下午。他们喜欢being outside and being able to run a little. And the golf cart was a novelty they really liked. There are street musicians, games, and playgrounds, and a museum. We skipped the museum and opted for more gelato at a different cafe in the park.

We also visited (more like drive-bys than actual “visits”) the Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, and The Spanish Steps.

这是孩子们最喜欢的下午。他们喜欢being outside and being able to run a little. And the golf cart was a novelty they really liked. There are street musicians, games, and playgrounds, and a museum. We skipped the museum, and opted for more gelato at a different cafe in the park. 和孩子们罗马旅游和孩子们罗马旅游

One of my favorite things to do when we are traveling is to get up really early (this is the只要时间我喜欢早起)和独奏ph值oto walk. I grab my camera and just wander and take pictures. This is a great way to shoot some of the more touristy or popular things that are hard to get to when there are so many people at different times of the day.

和孩子们罗马旅游travel photography rome


And I had a camera in my hand.

这是永远不会再次发生。(这是一个微幅下挫模糊,我甚至不关心,它实际上让我更加喜欢。)她对我微笑,因为她走过来,说:“迪欧LA benedica”。愿上帝保佑你。一个完美的早晨也正是这样。当我走回屋里,我停在了一家咖啡厅呆着咖啡,看着这个城市醒来。

和孩子们罗马旅游Wes likes to explore a city by running it. He is naturally an early riser and he usually will go for a long run at least one of the days. On this particular morning, he had the Vatican to himself. I’ve been to thePapal Audience,我可以向你保证,这是不是我的观点样子。

和孩子们罗马旅游Can you tell who was over walking? See, they aren’t always happy and willing participants.



Traveling to Rome with Kids – Things to Do & See

– Walk around the Trastevere neighborhood

- 罗马竞技场和罗马广场

– St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel

– Papal Audience (if you are Catholic, this is worth the trouble to get tickets)

- 朗格IL Tever(只在夏季)

- 别墅贝佳斯 - 租金车或自行车

- 特雷维喷泉


What are your favorite things to do when traveling to Rome with kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Holly

    We really enjoyed using the Mission Rome book by Catherine Aragon. The gist of the book is that the kids are spies on a scavenger hunt in the city. Our 11 year old was so hooked that we bought additional books for Barcelona, Paris, DC, and NYC. The adults even enjoyed the facts learned about the cities.

    1. bakedbree

      I love those books! I bought a few, I need to dig them out of the bookcase for our upcoming Paris trip.

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  4. Jill Zimmerman

    This is our next trip, my husband and I have been to Rome a few times. But we are excited to go with the kids, who have never been

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  7. Sabrina

    great idea for a place to stay, and a nice reminder of some of my favorite spots in one of my favorite places, it’s been awhile and would love to go back and visit some of the places I never have, restaurants too, thank you

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  9. 凯丽DeFranza

    I loved your post. After a horrible divorce, I’d like to take my 15-year-old son in late July and have no idea where to stay. You had such high praise for your rental, would you mind sending me the details? Also, what tours do you suggest?

    Thank you,

    1. bakedbree


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