Happy Friday: Volume 32

Happy Friday: Volume 32

Happy Friday: Volume 32 // Harry and Meghan bombshells, Little Women is a must-see movie this winter, and a trip across the border for a cup of coffee.

Hello, everybody! If you are皇家情人像我,这是非常令人兴奋的一周。


哈利和梅格斯- 我觉得你,你想要做自己的事情,但你似乎也想拥有你的蛋糕和熊掌兼得。我也得到那个,我很抵触。

I’m embarrased to tell you how much time I’ve spent reading every single thing I can get my hands on about this situation.

I am far too invested in something that LITERALLY has no bearing on my life at all. Which says a lot about who I am as a human.

Happy Friday: Volume 32

We took Ava to seeLittle Womenlast weekend. She went VERY reluctantly and I promised her that I would not say “I told you so” when she loved it like I knew she would, but….

If you haven’t seen it, run, do not walk to the theater. It was the first movie we’ve seen in 2020 (we see A LOT of movies, we areAMC Stubs A-Listmembers and go ALL. THE. TIME.) and it’s going to be hard to top as my favorite movie of the year.

此外,整部影片was filmed in Massachusetts, but majority near where we live. Concord is the town over and we pass果园屋all the time. We live in such a historically rich place.

Happy Friday: Volume 32

Wes and I went to Vermont this week. MyGlobal Entryexpired when we lived in Germany and this time I went the Nexus route. I didn’t realize that I needed to have my interview at a Canadian border. (If you travel a lot, this is absolutely worth having.)

它结束了一个可爱的小过夜。我们停留过at an adorable inn,有一个伟大的晚餐,大量的积雪,并越过边界,在拿到两双和枫木甜甜圈Tim Horton’s

I also made two stops to my belovedKing Arthur Flourand bought a sourdough starter. I am a sourdough newbie, so if you have any tips for me, or great recipes for discard, send them my way.


Happy Friday: Volume 32


25 Habits这将在2021年让你成为一个更好的人。

Such a greatupgrade of a rental kitchen。Also the story of my life.

13 things to do when you are bored. I need todo a few of these more oftenthan I do.

提示baking muffins – this is a great post forsolving all of your muffin issues

提示中年妇女拍照s. Sean Penn-like aggression cracked me up.

These are adorable and now I want one of my kidsto have matching twin beds

Building healthy habits –a breakfast pantryto help you start your day on the right foot.

I’ve been looking for a bar cart, but我想我会走这条路线instead.

27 apps to delete in 2020。我有一个新的手机在圣诞节前后,并没有把我的任何应用程序的重新开启。我只加回来,我真的使用,并保持关闭了很多,我不喜欢或者是时间很烂的人。

励志书籍when you need a boost

I stocked上了很多这样的。我上次去法国旅行because I love them, but happy that I can restock on Amazon.

Super happy to see plant-based on thislist of 2020 food trends

Working from home is great, but also hard. I wrote a post this week about how I takecoffee breaks that feel like a cafe experience

我是一个左撇子,有一个左撇子的孩子。Fascinated by these differences

A US travel hot spot super close to me,I love this town。AMAZING food.

Happy Friday: Volume 32


I really slacked on reading in 2019. I read 28 books. I realize that isn’t a totally slack number, but in 2018, I read 58 books. I’m trying to step up my reading game in 2020.

该镍男孩通过Colsen白石* - 这是一个良好的开端,以2020年不轻读,但一个优秀的一个。基于在佛罗里达州一个真实的地方虚构的小说,这部新颖的是关于种族和不平等的谈判。我无法忍受这本书了。

This post contains affiliate links donated by the *. If you click the link and make a purchase using this link, I make a small portion of the sale at no cost to you.

Happy Friday: Volume 32

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  1. 辛迪

    Hi Bree! Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to see your newsletter in my inbox every Friday! We have very similar tastes (I’m a photographer as well) and I love exploring all the links in What Caught Your Eye every week

    1. Bree Hester

      You are so sweet, thank you so much! Thanks for reading each week!

  2. Kristen

    女孩 - 这些照片是如此美丽!
    Also you did have a great reading start with Nickel Boys. That made one of my top ten books from last year. It is such an important book!

    1. Bree Hester

      Thank you Kristen! I also just finished Dear Edward which was also amazing. I needed a few good ones, I was in a book rut.


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